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Mukesh Agnihotri says : In Himachal certificates of second dose were issued without vaccination

Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri, while attacking the state government, said that the BJP government has been hasty in giving Himachal the status of corona free and 100% vaccinated state.

Raising the question, he said that there are still many such residents in Himachal Pradesh who have not been vaccinated and the negligence of the health department and the government is that in a hurry to make the state number one in the country, without vaccination, the second dose is available. Certificates are also being issued. He said that the situation is so pathetic and unsuccessful that even the dead are being given certificates for applying the second dose. This is a failure of the government.

Many people in Himachal did not even get the first vaccine

He said that if 100% vaccination has been done, then the Jai Ram government and health department of the state should tell why vaccination camps are being set up. Why are people being vaccinated by running after them? He said that if seen with honesty, there are many such people who have not even got the first vaccine, they should be recognized. Instead of haste, the government should try to vaccinate everyone and make sincere efforts.

Himachal Government should take decision with big heart
He said that the teachers are demanding and the demands are not being resolved. Compassionate movement, demanding outsource policy. Apart from this, there are many such issues on which the government is silent. There is a matter of pay band of the police employees of the state.

Certainly the police is a disciplined force but they also have a demand. They are also employees, we support their demand. The government should take a decision on this with a big heart. Don’t they need justice? If the families of police personnel are also demanding justice, will they be sent to the police station, he said. He said that if a leader meets the families of police personnel and is directed to send them to the police station, it deserves strong condemnation. He said that a similar incident has happened in Bilaspur, which is not right.

HP Government did not listen to anyone in 4 years

Leader of Opposition said that Jairam Sarkar is not number 1 in vaccination, but Jairam Sarkar is number one in the country in losing four bye-elections in the state, Jairam Sarkar can take its name.

The way every class is agitating after the state government entered the last year, it is clear that this government has not listened to any class in the last four years. The rights of the employees are being given, what they have to give, apart from this, their demands are still kept in cold storage.


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