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Alert in Himachal regarding Omicron variant, sample sent to NCDC Delhi for investigation

Now there is an alert in Himachal regarding the new Omicron variant of Corona. A sample from Mandi district of Himachal has been sent to NCDC (National Center for Disease Control) Delhi for testing the Omicron variant, whose report will come after a week. The officials have sent this sample on the basis of suspicion.

Although no case of this new variant has come in Himachal so far, but the government has alerted the officials. The Himachal Health Department has issued instructions to the officers of all the districts that no negligence should be taken regarding this new variant..

If there is a case of this new variant in any district, then be ready to deal with it] In such a situation, the District Collector and CMO of the districts will have to be alert.

The Omicron variant is believed to be much more dangerous. This is a new variant of the corona virus itself. Earlier cases of delta plus and delta strain were also reported in Himachal. In such a situation, now people will also have to be careful to avoid new variants.

These days, cases of deaths and infected people from corona continue to come in the state. There has been a decrease in the cases of infected, but the corona is not completely over yet, so people will have to take the same precautions as before.

These days it has come to notice that people are flouting the rules of Corona. People are not following the rules at all, in such a situation this negligence can be heavy. These days, crowds are being seen in the markets, temples and celebrations. If a single case of the new Omicron of Corona comes to light, then many people can come in contact.

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By the way, only more than 50 infected cases are coming in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Health Department officials have instructed that people should put on the mask properly and get both doses of the vaccine. Vaccine is the biggest weapon to avoid corona. Those who have applied the first dose and not the second, those people must get the second dose.

Himachal Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that the Omicron variant remains a matter of concern. To ensure that the outbreak of Kovid does not increase, all the officers and employees of the Himachal Health Department should be prepared. Wherever such a situation arises, we are ready to deal with that situation.

NHM MD Hemraj Bairwa said that all the officers of the districts have been alerted about the Omicron variant. Regarding this newly arrived variant, we have so far sent a sample from Mandi district to Delhi for examination. Its report will come within 2 weeks.

Our appeal to the people is that the way we were following the rules to avoid corona, in the same way we still have to be careful so that we can beat corona.


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