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Mukesh Agnihotri targeted when CM Jairam went to Delhi, know what he said

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur say that the Leader of the Opposition’s chair is in trouble, but today he has go to Delhi to save his chair. When they go to Delhi again and again, no one gives even a single penny and they come back again and again. Opposition Leader Mukesh Agnihotri said this while addressing the public meeting of Mahila Congress held in Jhaleda.

Mukesh Agnihotri said that the government of Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur is the only government in whose tenure a loan of 50 thousand crores has been taken. This Himachal government will be remembered as the government that takes loans every month. The resources of Himachal were not used, their money was not taken from the neighboring states, but the army of its chairman and other people in the boards/corporations is being made fun on government money and the state is being drowned in debt.

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Mandi aakar ab PM kya karenge, Mandi to Congress ne BJP se loot lee

said that during the by-elections, the Chief Minister used to say that the Congress has no leaders, but after losing the by-elections, Jairam started seeing 12 Chief Ministers with the Congress. He said that wait a bit, 60 Congress MLAs will also be seen after the Vis elections.

Mukesh Agrihotri said that Jai Ram government sometimes brings JP Nadda, sometimes Anurag Thakur, sometimes Amit Shah and now it is going to bring PM Narendra Modi to Himachal, but now everything has been looted by BJP. Even if BJP of the whole world comes, Himachal BJP will have to face defeat only. He said that what will the PM do after coming to Mandi, the Congress has looted the market from the BJP and the loot of the BJP has drowned in the market.

पाकिस्तान की गोलीबारी में शहीद हुआ हिमाचल का जवान

The Chief Minister repeatedly runs towards Una that by whatever means the Leader of Opposition can be eliminated but he does not know that the people of Haroli are with Mukesh Agrihotri and Jairam cannot harm them.

JaiRam Thakur ko satta ko pachaana seekhana chaahie

Mukesh Agrihotri said that Jai Ram Thakur, who took over as the Chief Minister in a political accident, should learn to digest the power and do development work.

Till now Jai Ram Thakur has not been able to do any work, the government is being run only by speeches and assurances. Jai Ram Thakur has failed to make the people of the state feel like the government. He said that the state government is on ventilator and now it has to die in the coming elections.


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